?How to Banish a Demon? : An Attempt to Present Traditional Japanese Theater to an American Audience with an Original Kyogen Play [report]

Chrys Chabot
2016 unpublished
Whether it makes you laugh, cry, or question your preconceived notions on a subject, the main point of any theatrical production is entertainment. The question then becomes, what is entertaining, and can a theatrical form that is over seven hundred years old from ancient Japan effectively entertain a modern American audience? More over, how to create a piece of theater that entertains its target audience while still remaining true to the original art form and the respectful to the culture that
more » ... reated it? To answer this I will examine two things using script analysis of existing kyogen plays: 1) what makes a kyogen a kyogen, and 2) what aspects of kyogen plays would best resonate with my prospective audience. I attempted to answer these questions through a creative process where, after intense script analysis of existing kyogen plays,
doi:10.15760/honors.301 fatcat:ibn35rv5dfeqnchzoimjxoc2aq