Fundamental group of Galois covers of degree $6$ surfaces [article]

Meirav Amram, Cheng Gong, Uriel Sinichkin, Sheng-Li Tan, Wan-Yuan Xu, Michael Yoshpe
In this paper we consider the Galois covers of algebraic surfaces of degree 6, with all associated planar degenerations. We compute the fundamental groups of those Galois covers, using their degeneration. We show that for 8 types of degenerations the fundamental group of the Galois cover is non-trivial and for 20 types it is trivial. Moreover, we compute the Chern numbers of all the surfaces with this type of degeneration and prove that the signatures of all their Galois covers are negative. We
more » ... formulate a conjecture regarding the structure of the fundamental groups of the Galois covers based on our findings. With an appendix by the authors listing the detailed computations and an appendix by Guo Zhiming classifying degree 6 planar degenerations.
doi:10.48550/arxiv.2012.03279 fatcat:dypumm6lqzdhlf4hj7jznaphx4