Technical effectiveness of insecticides against oriental fruit mothand paech twigborerin peachorchards of the South of Ukraine

І. Yudytska, Yu. Klechkovskyi
2021 Karantin i zahist roslin  
Goal. To determine the effectiveness of insecticides for peach orchards protection from the main Lepidoptera pests on the basis of clarifying their biological characteristics in the conditions of the South of Ukraine. Methods. Field methods. Technical effectiveness of insecticides was determined in peach orchards of Redhaven and Zolota Moskva cultivars. The scheme of the experiment included 6 variants using 5 chemical insecticides. Biological features of Lepidoptera pests development were
more » ... ied using pheromone traps, in accordance with the generally accepted methodology. Results. It was determined that in the conditions of the South of Ukraine during the vegetation periods of the studied years, the development of the oriental fruit moth (Grapholitha molesta Busck.) took place in four generations (one overwintering and three summer generations). The seasonal dynamics of the flight of peach twig borer (Anarsia lineatella Zell.) took place with three peaks, which indicates the development of three generations of the pest. Insecticide trials in the control of oriental fruit moth and peach twig borer in peach orchards allowed to determine that the level of damage to shoots and fruits of the studied peach cultivars by caterpillars of Lepidoptera pests decreased by 4.3—11.3 times compared to the control variant. High technical efficiency was observed when using Lufox 105 EC (1.0 l/ ha) and Match 050 EC (1.0 l/ha) insecticides — 88.0—91.2% and 84.5—88.2%. Use of Radiant 120 SC (0.5 l/ ha) and Proclaim 5 SG, (0.5 kg/ha) provided a reduction in the harmfulness of oriental fruit moth and peach twig borer by 76.5—83.3% and 80.0—86.1% compared to the control. Conclusions. Evaluation of the effectiveness of insecticide application in peach orchards showed that all preparations can effectively control the number and harmfulness of oriental fruit moth and peach twig borer in peach orchards in Southern Ukraine. Under the conditions of registration of insecticides Lufox 105 EC, Match 050 EC and Radiant 120, SC can be recommended to protect plantations of this crop.
doi:10.36495/2312-0614.2021.4.10-14 fatcat:va574r4nnneg5dsld7jr6u3a2e