Retail Brand Building Through Promotional Communication: A Study That Focuses on Category Killers Promotional Flyers

2011 Chinese Business Review  
Strong competition in retail distribution and the development of new purchasing options for the consumer generate a growing need to strengthen the retailers' brand image using all the communication elements, with promotional flyers being one of the most important ways to do this. Promotional flyers make-up 5.1% of the money spent on communication and rank third place in terms of importance for retailers. The aim of this investigation work is to focus on analysing the utility of a promotional
more » ... l, such as a flyer, to fulfil a strategic objective, like creating a retail brand image, within a modern dynamic sector that is growing fast, such as Category Killers. Two sources of information have been used to carry out the research. On the one hand, a survey conducted on those responsible for the definition and execution of the promotional plan, and on the other hand, the accumulation and analysis of all the flyers issued into the market thought-out a year by those retailers which belong to this format, in order to conduct a study of seven defined image indicators. This information has been largely analyzed using multidimensional scaling method and chi-square test. As a result, we have managed to gather the differential elements in flyers execution between those retailers that prize the communications of image attributes and those retailers which concentrate on communicating price. The first group makes greater use of promotional theme related flyers, and shows greater differentiation in both product assortment and the depth of the range being communicated.
doi:10.17265/1537-1506/2011.03.006 fatcat:fst4m6eg6rek5p466quthtz7rq