New spectroscopy methods development for simultaneous estimation of Benazepril and Hydrochlorothiazide in pharmaceutical dosage form

S Daharwal, Veena Singh
A new, simple, rapid and novel spectrophotometric method has been developed for estimation of Benazepril (BENZ) and Hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) in bulk and combined pharmaceutical formulations using absorbance correction method (ACM). λmax of BENZ was found at 209nm and HCTZ was at270nm respectively. This method involved measurement of absorbance at two wavelengths of BENZ and HCTZ i.e., 240 nm and 270 nm for BENZ and 270nm and 240 nm for HCTZ. The combination is also estimated by ACM. It showed
more » ... linearity of both the drugs at two wave lengths. Calibration curve was constructed at 240 nm and 270nm for BENZ and 270nm and 240 nm for HCTZ respectively. Beer's law obeyed in concentration range of 2-12 μg/ mL for BENZ and 4-14 μg/ mL for HCTZ respectively by the method. These methods were validated for precision, reproducibility, linearity and accuracy as per ICH guidelines. The proposed methods are recommended for routine analysis since they are rapid, simple, accurate, cost effective and also sensitive and specific. It involves neither heating nor use of any organic solvent for separation of the combination.