Priority-based wavelength assignment for burst photonic networks with limited wavelength conversion

Xi Wang, Hiroyuki Morikawa, Tomonori Aoyama, S. J. Ben Yoo, Kwok-wai Cheung, Yun-Chur Chung, Guangcheng Li
2004 Network Architectures, Management, and Applications  
Contention resolution has been a major concern in the design of burst photonic networks. Previous researches have proven that wavelength conversion is an effective technique for contention resolution. However, it is not realistic under the current technology to assume that all nodes of the network have conversion capabilities. Therefore, burst photonic networks with limited wavelength conversion lead to more practical solutions. Efficient wavelength assignment algorithm is required for such
more » ... quired for such networks. As a simple but effective approach, PWA (Priority-based Wavelength Assignment) tries to avoid contentions beforehand by assigning different wavelengths to bursts sharing one or more common links, using a wavelength priority database where every wavelength is prioritized for each destination based on the history of prior transmissions. In this paper, we extend PWA to be suitable for burst photonic networks with sparse conversion or limited-range conversion and show the validation of our algorithm through simulation results.
doi:10.1117/12.519914 fatcat:3fxjl6oxgjdujgvrv34ayu4fuy