Yuan Tang, Ronghui You
2017 SIGPLAN notices  
It's important to hit a space-time balance for a real-world algorithm to achieve high performance on modern sharedmemory multi-core or many-core systems. However, a large class of dynamic programs with more than O(1) dependency achieve optimality either in space or time, but not both. In the literature, the problem is known as the fundamental spacetime tradeoff. By exploiting properly on the runtime system, we show that our STAR (Space-Time Adaptive and Reductive) technique can help these
more » ... c programs to achieve sublinear parallel time bounds while still maintaining work-, space-, and cache-optimality in a processor-and cacheoblivious fashion.
doi:10.1145/3155284.3019029 fatcat:mn32tpt2lzbhrjuql54jttmsce