Vehicular Alarm System Using mHealth Data and Lightweight Security Algorithms

James Kang, Sazia Parvin, Kiran Fahd, Sitalakshmi Venkatraman
2019 Technologies  
Among the various factors affecting long distance driving are the risks imposed by a driver's health, which could result in road accidents. Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile health (mHealth) technologies are increasingly being recognized for their role in monitoring various health parameters of such drivers. IoT devices such as wearable devices could be used efficiently in vehicles by professional long-distance drivers. However, the adoption of such technologies is limited by security and
more » ... acy issues. This paper proposes a novel vehicular alarm notification system by integrating mHealth data of the driver with vehicular data for improving vehicle safety. The purpose of the system is to minimize road accidents by integrating the emerging mHealth technologies with the vehicular information system (VIS) using wireless body area network sensors and devices in a secure and lightweight framework. An integrated secure system could facilitate adoptability to provide timely notifications of emergencies to drivers in order to avoid road accidents and take appropriate follow-up actions. Furthermore, the information gathered by the integrated system could assist health service providers to address the driver's root cause of potential health risks. The lightweight security framework adopted in this study is based on an efficient trust model that can improve the adoption of an mHealth integrated vehicular alarm notification system. Our contribution is to provide a real-time alarm notification service to avoid potential traffic accidents by monitoring the health status of long-distance drivers, achieved through incorporating an affordable and lightweight security system to secure health data transfer.
doi:10.3390/technologies7010025 fatcat:gweshovfsfc6xoskooyacpdl64