Adaptive Weighted Multi-Level Fusion of Multi-Scale Features: A New Approach to Pedestrian Detection

Yao Xu, Qin Yu
2021 Future Internet  
Great achievements have been made in pedestrian detection through deep learning. For detectors based on deep learning, making better use of features has become the key to their detection effect. While current pedestrian detectors have made efforts in feature utilization to improve their detection performance, the feature utilization is still inadequate. To solve the problem of inadequate feature utilization, we proposed the Multi-Level Feature Fusion Module (MFFM) and its Multi-Scale Feature
more » ... ti-Scale Feature Fusion Unit (MFFU) sub-module, which connect feature maps of the same scale and different scales by using horizontal and vertical connections and shortcut structures. All of these connections are accompanied by weights that can be learned; thus, they can be used as adaptive multi-level and multi-scale feature fusion modules to fuse the best features. Then, we built a complete pedestrian detector, the Adaptive Feature Fusion Detector (AFFDet), which is an anchor-free one-stage pedestrian detector that can make full use of features for detection. As a result, compared with other methods, our method has better performance on the challenging Caltech Pedestrian Detection Benchmark (Caltech) and has quite competitive speed. It is the current state-of-the-art one-stage pedestrian detection method.
doi:10.3390/fi13020038 fatcat:t2dvb66awvapzeh67bgjf2yqdu