Fauna, ecology and taxonomy of helminths of cypriniformes fish water bodies of Uzbekistan

F Safarova, F Akramova, D Azimov, B Qahramanov, D Gulomjonov, V. Kankhva
2021 E3S Web of Conferences  
Due to intensive human activities related to the use of water resources, has undergone substantial qualitative and quantitative changes of biocenosis and the fish community. This inevitably arise parasitic fish diseases that lead to a decrease in the number of valuable species and the deterioration of the epizootic situation reservoirs. Fauna of parasitic worms of Cypriniformes ponds diverse river of the Syrdarya shown 49 species. 18 species belongs to the class Trematoda, Cestoda class
more » ... ted by 13 species, class Acanthocephala - 4, and the class Nematoda - 14. Analysis of biological properties and ecological of specialty parasitic worms Cypriniformes allows three types of communities: helminths (25 species), parasitizing Cypriniformes as definitive hosts; helminths (19 species), parasitizing Cypriniformes as intermediate hosts; - helminths (6 species), parasitizing Cypriniformes as a reservoir (=paratenetic) hosts.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202125804044 fatcat:ithxxaqnzbbbpb4boxbon7q4ie