А.В. Зыков, В.А. Юнин, А.М. Захаров, К.И. Егорова
The article contains an analysis of the black currant production as well as the level of development of gardening in various countries. The study also presents data on harvesting equipment from various manufacturers: VictorZ, Korvan, Joanna-4, Ioonas, etc. in the field of horticulture and its applicability in different countries. In particular, the analysis is focused on the "KSM-5" modular combine harvester. The analysis demonstrates that the highly qualified work of berry harvesters requires
more » ... arvesters requires special preparation of plantations along with the use of new-generation varieties. For industrial technology, variety is one of the main factors for the successful use of berry harvesting equipment. The study examines 16 varieties of currants grown in the conditions of machine technology. Long-term research allowed for determining the consequences of repeated harvesting of berries through technical means. All harvesters provided high-quality indicators of berry harvesting (96 – 100%), while the number of damaged berries did not exceed 2%.
doi:10.23670/irj.2021.107.5.009 fatcat:zxdynytfgbcyvmp7kmdnqz5tja