Applications of Nanobiotechnology in Plant Sciences

Aqsa Saeed
2021 Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research  
It has been noted that a very low concentrations of silicon dioxide nanoparticles improved germination in some plants like ARTICLE INFO ABSTRACT Nanobiotechnology is a hybrid new discipline collaborating the aspects of both nanotechnology and biotechnology. Many of its applications are there in the field of plant sciences which are briefly discussed in this work. Nanoparticles are its basic tools which are used for the manipulation of plants. Many types of nanoparticles do exist. The
more » ... ist. The applications of these particles are dynamical from plant to plant. Many kinds of nanogenetic modifications are made in plants which render improvements and resilience in them. Agricultural developments by this nanobiotechnology are also very significant. Besides all the positive developments, there also exist some harmful impacts of these nanoparticles. Overall, this technology has a lot of potential and depth for the future development and progress.
doi:10.26717/bjstr.2021.35.005632 fatcat:jk76m2ecmfa2vhaispgr53l42a