Tracing Pottery Making Recipes in the Balkans, 6 th-4 th Millennium BC. International workshop

Jan Bouzek -Viktoria, Čisťakova -Petra Tušlová, Barbora Weissová
2014 unpublished
With this volume of Studia Hercynia, we would like to continue the tradition of the annotated bibliography on Black Sea and Balkan Archaeology started by Jan Bouzek back in 2002 and published intermittently over the years in the journal Eirene. As both of the journals undergo editorial changes, it has been decided to include this type of information in the journal Studia Hercynia, but more importantly, to continue with it also in the future. As with the previous edition of the bibliography,
more » ... . Bouzek was joined by his younger colleagues, who will carry on the tradition. The overall structure of the report remains the same as in the journal Eirene: Conferences and workshops (usually based on the personal experience of the referent), followed by a selection of the latest publications-monographs and edited volumes-dealing with the archaeology and history of the Black Sea and the eastern Balkans. The Studies will be published every two years to sum up the latest progress in the field. The two-day meeting was organised by the UCL Institute of Archaeology and the Institute for Balkan Studies (the Serbian Academy of Arts and Science). The workshop focused on bringing together archaeologists and scientists working in the field of pottery technology studies from the Balkans and beyond, in order to exchange ideas, investigate the current state of art in the field and establish an interdisciplinary network of scholars with an active interest in the topic. Twenty-three speakers met to discuss the Neolithization of southeast Europe in four sessions: Methodology: reconstructing pottery technology and function; Pottery technology in the early and middle Neolithic; Pottery technology from the early to late Neolithic and Pottery technology from the late Neolithic to Chalcolithic. The book of abstracts is available at: