Pion-photon exchange nucleon-nucleon potentials

N. Kaiser
2006 Physical Review C  
We calculate in chiral perturbation theory the dominant next-to-leading order correction to the πγ-exchange NN-potential proportional to the large isovector magnetic moment κ_v = 4.7 of the nucleon. The corresponding spin-spin and tensor potentials V_S,T(r) in coordinate space have a very simple analytical form. At long distances r ≃ 2 fm these potentials are of similar size (but opposite in sign) as the leading order πγ-exchange potentials. We consider also effects from virtual Δ-isobar
more » ... ion as well as other isospin-breaking contributions to the 2π-exchange NN-potential induced by additional one-photon exchange.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.73.044001 fatcat:jmqyf2cnjffc5bdd2azr5ecrqe