Genetic divergence and cryptic speciation in two morphs of the common subtidal nudibranch Doto coronata (Opisthobranchia: Dendronotacea: Dotoidae) from the northern Irish Sea

CC Morrow, JP Thorpe, BE Picton
1992 Marine Ecology Progress Series  
The nudibranch genus Doto Oken (Dendronotacea, Dotoidae) contains numerous species which are important specialist predators of subtidal marine hydroids. The widespread species Doto coronata (Gmelin) is of particular taxonomic importance as the type species of the genus. Lemche (1976; J. mar. biol. Ass. U.K. 56: 691-706) identified several cryptic species within D. coronata, but the species is still suspected of being a species complex. Electrophoretic techniques \yere used to investigate
more » ... investigate genetic differentiation between 2 morphologically distinct samples of D. coronata found feeding on 2 different hydroid species off the south west of the Isle of Man (Irish Sea). The results showed extensive genetic differentiation and indicate that the 2 morphs are separate species. These new specles are described and it is suggested that other morphs of D. coronata on different hydroid species may represent further new species.
doi:10.3354/meps084053 fatcat:o4iv2qv4hnh6rmqcgs3enaljoi