Survey of the Swedish Dog Population: Age, Gender, Breed, Location and Enrolment in Animal Insurance

A. Egenvall, Å. Hedhammar, B. N. Bonnett, P. Olson
1999 Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica  
Survey of the Swedish dog population: Age, gender, breed, location and enrolment in animal insurance. Acta vet. scand. 1999, 40, 231-240. -A sample of the Swedish population was surveyed by interviewing households by telephone . The number intervi ewed was 11,762, of which 15.5% owned dogs, and of these, 77.9% had one dog. The estimated total population of dogs in Sweden was ju st over 800 000. Dog-owning was more comm on in more rural areas compared to larger cities. The numbers of male and
more » ... bers of male and female dogs were similar and few dogs were neutered. Mean age was 5.7 years with median 5 years. Mongrels comprised 13.3% and the most common breed was the dachshund (7.4%). Of dogs with information on insurance status, 68.4% of the dogs were insured for veterinary care and 58.3% were life insured . dog population; demographics; Sweden.
doi:10.1186/bf03547021 fatcat:jaqvkc3cdrf2toq33czncf737y