Artifcial Oil of Lemon

1886 Scientific American  
Westminster, are among the most famous buildings of the Ohio Gaslight Association, the President (General July 6, G. Trouve detlcribed two new applications 01 London, or indeed of the world. They art' located on Hickenlooper) gave the results of some experiments electricity, which relate to the firing of arms at night, the left bank of the Thames, betwt'en thf river and made by hiIll to ascertain the loss in weight sutTered by The first consists of a luminous electric button; and Westminster
more » ... and Westminster Abbey, and immediately above the West-coal by storage. A certain number of pounds of coal the second, of a powerful electric projector. These minster Bridge. They occupy the site of the old palace, wer,) put into a box open at the top, with lattice work two devices are removable, and they can be applied in which was destroyed by fire in 1835, and cover alto-sides, and placed on a loft over a stack of benches; an stantaneously to any ordinary arms; to guns used for gether an area of about eight acres. The buildings, equal weight of coal was placed in an open shed in the hunting as well as to weapons of war; to mitrailleuses, erected at a cost of $3,000,000, are in the Tndor-Gothic yard; while a third portion of coal was filled into a box as well as to cannon, in fact, to any fire arms. Their style, and contain 1,100 apartments, 100 staircases, and similar to the one above described, and placed in a con-function is automatic.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican01011886-71ebuild fatcat:762jyk4wdnhdld33hubaoyus4a