84 Comprehensive Study of Black Hole Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks

Manvi Bhatia, Harkesh Sehrawat, Yudhvir Singh, Rajat Malik, Manvi Bhatia, Harkesh Sehrawat, Yudhvir Singh, Rajat Malik
2017 unpublished
Wireless sensor network is an ad hoc network wh ich incorporates hundreds and thousands of different sensor nodes that are distributed to sense the physical condition. Security is the basic need for WSN. WSN are vulnerable to various attacks. Black hole attack, sin khole attack and selective forward ing attack are some example o f security attacks ove r WSN. The black hole attack arises in the network when fau lty node drops or discards all the data packets of network. It is a common type of
more » ... attack. In this paper we will review on the black hole attack, its types along with the introduction of wireless sensor network and introduction of all possible schemes for detection and prevention of black hole attack.