Progress in the Pretreatment of Sludge Anaerobic Digestion

非 王
2016 Sustainable Development  
With the increase of wastewater treatment capacity of wastewater treatment plant in China, the production of excess sludge is increasing day by day, leading to the difficulty in treatment and disposal. The sludge must be stabilized before final disposal because of its high moisture content and rich in organic matter and pathogens. Anaerobic digestion is a common technology for sludge stabilization, especially for large and medium sized wastewater treatment plants, and can be used for production
more » ... used for production of methane to achieve energy recovery. However, because of the presence of the cell wall, the hydrolysis of sludge is key limited step of anaerobic digestion rate. The pretreatment technologies of sludge can effectively enhance the damage of the cell wall, promoting the intracellular organic matter releasing into aqueous phase, improving the sludge anaerobic digestion performance. The advantages and disadvantages of various pretreatment technologies of sludge anaerobic digestion were reviewed in this study, including biological treatment, thermal hydrolysis, mechanical treatment, chemical oxidation treatment and alkali treatment. At present, the research focuses on the characteristics of the sludge after pretreatment and the improvement of methane production.
doi:10.12677/sd.2016.63017 fatcat:s7osdzdpabhalpzmth4ok7tjwa