The role of lysosomes in cancer development and progression

Tao Tang, Ze-yu Yang, Di Wang, Xian-yan Yang, Jun Wang, Lin Li, Qian Wen, Lei Gao, Xiu-wu Bian, Shi-cang Yu
2020 Cell & Bioscience  
AbstractLysosomes are an important component of the inner membrane system and participate in numerous cell biological processes, such as macromolecular degradation, antigen presentation, intracellular pathogen destruction, plasma membrane repair, exosome release, cell adhesion/migration and apoptosis. Thus, lysosomes play important roles in cellular activity. In addition, previous studies have shown that lysosomes may play important roles in cancer development and progression through the
more » ... ntioned biological processes and that the functional status and spatial distribution of lysosomes are closely related to cancer cell proliferation, energy metabolism, invasion and metastasis, immune escape and tumor-associated angiogenesis. Therefore, identifying the factors and mechanisms that regulate the functional status and spatial distribution of lysosomes and elucidating the relationship between lysosomes and the development and progression of cancer can provide important information for cancer diagnosis and prognosis prediction and may yield new therapeutic targets. This study briefly reviews the above information and explores the potential value of lysosomes in cancer therapy.
doi:10.1186/s13578-020-00489-x pmid:33292489 fatcat:6lftbjahvfd7dgmqdsiqlhqohq