Pre-Service Teachers' Opinions about The Course on Scientific Research Methods and The Levels of Knowledge and Skills They Gained in This Course

2014 Australian Journal of Teacher Education  
The purpose of this study was to ascertain whether the pre-service teachers taking the Scientific Research Methods course attained basic research knowledge and skills. In addition, the impact of the process, which is followed while implementing the course, on the students' anxiety and attitude during the course is examined. Moreover, the study attempted to determine the pre-service teachers' selfefficacy beliefs in terms of doing scientific research. The study was carried out using an action
more » ... using an action research design. The sample of the study consisted of 27 pre-service teachers in the third year of the undergraduate program of Elementary Science Education in a state university in the northwest of Turkey. The study was completed in classes (each class lasting 50 minutes) in 14 weeks ( two classes per week). The study data was collected with a questionnaire including nine open-ended questions in order to identify the opinions of the pre-service teachers about the course on Scientific Research Methods. A concept success test including short-answer, truefalse, multiple-choice and open-ended questions were used in order to determine whether the course content was learnt by pre-service teachers. According to the research results, the pre-service teachers who took this course had decreased levels of anxiety towards doing scientific research. They stated that this course was important and necessary. It was found that this course ensured that the pre-service teachers gained some skills such as article writing, article review, and literature review.
doi:10.14221/ajte.2014v39n10.7 fatcat:6x4njkygt5b55cflnuypjs5jgi