Contribució a l'estudi del comerç al Mediterrani Occidental en el segle XIV: l'atac piràtic a la coca d'Esteve Bordell

Josefina Mutgé i Vives
2020 Anuario de Estudios Medievales  
The article is devoted to analyse the piracy that the Genoese perpe­trated in August 1322 against the ship of a merchant and citizen of Barcelo­na, named Esteve Bordell, when he carne back from Cyprus, loaded with merchandise bound for Barcelona. The article also analyses the diplomatic repercussions of this event and the arduous negotiations undertaken by the "consellers" of Barcelona to obtain reparations from the Genoese.
doi:10.3989/aem.1994.v24.985 doaj:a6c2a44969c34a468e2c9eabf0271225 fatcat:js6pht7abrf2vfha6y3rv4omye