The Teacher's Educational Psychological Game Sense (EPGS) as the Foundation of a Student's Positive Self-Conception

Sanna Hyvärinen, Zafarullah Sahito, Satu Uusiautti, Kaarina Määttä
2022 International Journal of Research in Education and Science  
This research analyzed how university students of education perceive the formation of self-conception in classroom situations. The following questions were asked: (1) Which factors have positive and negative impact on students' self-conception? and (2) How does the teacher's action appear in this regard? This study applied the narrative research approach. Altogether 70 students participated in the study. The data collection method used empathy-based frame stories. The data was analyzed first
more » ... h the method of the analysis of narratives. In the second round of analysis, the variation between the students' narratives were compared following the idea of the method of empathy-based stories in research. Group-related factors influencing on students' self-conception, student-related factors influencing on self-conception and the teacher-related factors influencing the student's self-conception are introduced as findings. According to the findings it seemed that the teacher's educational psychological game sense (EPGS) could be named as the defining factor that lies in the intersection of the student-related factors, the group-related factors, and the teacher-related factors.
doi:10.46328/ijres.2576 fatcat:ngt5dnwtfbgkdjosuhdbx4alkq