CPT and Lorentz violation in the electroweak sector

D Colladay, J P Noordmans, R Potting
2018 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
Long ago, Carroll, Field and Jackiw introduced CPT-violation in the photon sector by adding a dimension-3 gauge-invariant term parametrized by a constant four-vector parameter kAF to the usual (Maxwell) Lagrangian, deriving an ultra-tight bound from astrophysical data. Here, we will discuss recent work studying the extension of this term to the full electroweak gauge sector of the Standard Model. In the context of the Standard Model Extension, CPT and Lorentz violation arises from two
more » ... from two gauge-invariant terms parametrized by the four vectors k1 and k2. First we will show how upon spontaneous breaking of the electroweak gauge symmetry these two terms yield Lorentz-violating terms for the photon and the W and Z bosons. As it turns out, the resulting modified dispersion relations for the W bosons yield spacelike momentum for one of its propagating modes at sufficiently large energy. This in turn allows for the possibility of Cherenkov-like W -boson emission by high-energy fermions such as protons, provoking their decay. Analysis of ultra-high-energy cosmic ray data allows for bounding the previously unbound parameter k2, and, by combination with the ultra-tight bound on kAF , the parameter k1.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/952/1/012021 fatcat:jsixajdcm5bitoippzfqwbugdy