A simplied universal relation assumption and its properties

Ronald Fagin, Alberto O. Mendelzon, Jeffrey D. Ullman
1982 ACM Transactions on Database Systems  
One problem concerning the universal relation assumption is the inability of known methods to obtain a database scheme design in the general case, where the real-world constraints are given by a set of dependencies that includes embedded multivalued dependencies. We propose a simpler method of describing the real world, where constraints are given by functional dependencies and a single join dependency. The relationship between this method of defining the real world and the classical methods is
more » ... exposed. We characterize in terms of hypergrapbs those multivalued dependencies that are the consequence of a given join dependency. Also characterized in terms of hypergraphs are those join dependencies that are equivalent to a set of multivalued dependencies.
doi:10.1145/319732.319735 fatcat:ixuyssaaq5f7zfw7sqyuopjpie