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Lawrence Ponoroff, Douglass Boshkoff, Tracey Wise, Christopher Frost, G Epstein, Joe Lee, Robert Mckenzie, Conrad Cyr, _Uk, Cle, Biennial Midwest, Midsouth
1997 unpublished
The University of Kentucky College of Law, Office of Continuing Legal Education (UK/CLE) was organized in 1973 as the first permanently staffed, full-time continuing legal education program in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It endures with the threefold purpose to: 1) assist lawyers in keeping abreast of changes in the law; 2) develop and sustain practical lawyering skills; and 3) maintain a high degree of professionalism in the practice of law. Revenues from seminar registrations and
more » ... ions and publication sales allow the Office to operate as a separately budgeted, self-supporting program of the College. No tax dollars, bar dues or public funds are budgeted in the Office's finances. Courses UK/CLE provides a variety of workshops, conferences, and institutes to satisfy the continuing education needs of lawyers and other professionals. Courses range from half-day programs in selected areas to in-depth programs extending over several days. While most courses are conducted at the College of Law in Lexington, UK/CLE has a longstanding statewide commitment. Since its first year of operation, beginning with a criminal law program in Madisonville, Kentucky, the Office has continued to bring the highest quality continuing education to attorneys across Kentucky, the Midsouth, and the Midwest. Publications Each course is accompanied by extensive speaker-prepared course materials. These bound materials are offered for sale following courses and are consistently regarded as valuable, affordable references for lawyers. In 1987, UK/CLE began producing a series of publications which now consist of Practice Handbooks, Monographs, and Forms Compendiums. Each Practice Handbook is an extensively referenced, fully indexed practice guide consisting of separately authored chapters, sequenced for the comprehensive coverage of a distinct body of law. Their format allows for updating through supplements and cumulative indexes. Each Monograph is a concisely written practice guide, usually prepared by a single author, designed to cover a topic of narrower scope than Practice Handbooks. Forms Compendiums contain both official forms and sample documents. Designed to assist the lawyer by suggesting specific structures and language to consider in drafting documents, these publications are beneficial in the resolution of legal drafting concerns. The Forms Compendiums are often used most effectively in conjunction with UK/CLE Practice Handbooks and Monographs. Professional Management UK/CLE serves the needs of the bar from its offices on the University of Kentucky campus in Lexington. Its staff manages course planning, publication content planning, course registrations, publications sales, course and publication marketing, publication composition and printing, as well as budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting. As an "income based" program, UK/CLE's course tuitions and publications sales are budgeted to generate sufficient revenues for self support.