Investigations on Strong-Tuned Magnetocaloric Effect in La0.5Ca0.1Ag0.4MnO3

Mahmoud A. Hamad, Hatem R. Alamri
2022 Frontiers in Materials  
The magnetocaloric effect (MCE) of La0.5Ca0.1Ag0.4MnO3 (LCAMO) is simulated using a phenomenological model (PM). The LCAMO MCE parameters are calculated as the results of simulations for magnetization vs. temperature at different values of external magnetic field (Hext). The temperature range of MCE in LCAMO grew as the variation in Hext increased, eventually covering the room temperature at high Hext values. The MCE of LCAMO is tunable with the variation of Hext, proving that LCAMO is
more » ... ly more helpful as a magnetocaloric (MC) material for the development of magnetic refrigerators in an extensive temperature range, including room temperature and lower and higher ones. The MCE parameters of LCAMO are practically greater than those of some MC samples in earlier works.
doi:10.3389/fmats.2022.832703 fatcat:6225gta76rb6ljg2xe563mum4a