Review—Emerging Trends in the Development of Electrochemical Devices for the On-Site Detection of Food Contaminants

Umapathi Reddicherla, Seyed Majid Ghoreishian, Mohana Rani Gokana, Youngjin Cho, Yun Suk Huh
2022 ECS Sensors Plus  
Traditional laboratory-based sensing strategies for food contaminant detection are often limited because they are time consuming and expensive and require trained personnel, which makes them unsuitable for routine sensing. Therefore, the scientific and industrial community is showing enormous interest in the design and development of portable sensing devices for the on-site and point-of-care detection of food contaminants. Portability is one of the chief characteristic features of designing
more » ... emporary analytical devices. Portable devices have received tremendous attention, as these novel devices have advanced the field of sensing. Various sensing strategies have been utilized for on-site detection of food contaminants. Among these, portable electrochemical devices have emerged vigorously in the past few years. Scientists and industrialists have worked tirelessly to develop portable electrochemical devices for a minute amount of food contaminant detection in water bodies and food products. The current work aims to demonstrate recent research progress related to the design, development, and improvement of portable electrochemical devices for detection of food contaminants.
doi:10.1149/2754-2726/ac9d4a fatcat:amdor5ueefgypaioln3wa5mdiy