5. Adaptive Mesh Refinement [chapter]

2005 Computational Methods for Option Pricing  
We present different simulations of primary atomization using an adaptive Volumeof-Fluid method based on octree meshes. The use of accurate numerical schemes for mesh adaptation, Volume-of-Fluid advection and balanced force surface tension calculation implemented in Gerris, the code used to perform the simulations included in this work, has made possible to carry out accurate simulations with characteristic scales spreading over several orders of magnitude. The code is validated by comparisons
more » ... ith the temporal linear theory for moderate density and viscosity ratios, which basically corresponds to atomization processes in high pressure chambers. In order to show the potential of the code in different scenarios related to atomization, preliminary results are shown in relation with the study of the two-dimensional and 3D temporal and spatial problem, the influence of the injector and the vortex generated inside the chamber, and the effect of swirling at high Reynolds numbers.
doi:10.1137/1.9780898717495.ch5 fatcat:jnyyui7hwzbojbl7tmxrxjb4oa