ndnIoT-FC: IoT Devices as First-Class Traffic in Name Data Networks

Luís Gameiro, Carlos Senna, Miguel Luís
2020 Future Internet  
In recent years we have been assisting a radical change in the way devices are connected to the Internet. In this new scope, the traditional TCP/IP host-centric network fails in large-scale mobile wireless distributed environments, such as IoT scenarios, due to node mobility, dynamic topologies and intermittent connectivity, and the Information-Centric Networking (ICN) paradigm has been considered the most promising candidate to overcome the drawbacks of host-centric architectures. Despite
more » ... tures. Despite bringing efficient solutions for content distribution, the basic ICN operating principle, where content must always be associated with an interest, has serious restrictions in IoT environments in relation to scale, performance, and naming, among others. To address such drawbacks, we are presenting ndnIoT-FC, an NDN-based architecture that respects the ICN rules but offers special treatment for IoT traffic. It combines efficient hybrid naming with strategies to minimize the number of interests and uses caching strategies that virtually eliminates copies of IoT data from intermediate nodes. The ndnIoT-FC makes available new NDN-based application-to-application protocol to implement a signature model operation and tools to manage its life cycle, following a publisher-subscriber scheme. To demonstrate the versatility of the proposed architecture, we show the results of the efficient gathering of environmental information in a simulation environment considering different and distinct use cases.
doi:10.3390/fi12110207 fatcat:7dclmgpcfbccdism5tr5qotsi4