Correlation between the ultrasonography findings with pain and impaired function in chronic plantar fasciitis

Raissi Gh, Arbabi, Babaei, Ahadi
Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. Sonography has been proposed for early and differential diagnosis of heel pain. Materials and Methods: The study was performed on patients with plantar fasciitis (n=40). After completing the demographic data, the pain intensity was measured using Visual Analogue Scale (VAS); foot and ankle function by Foot and Ankle Ability Measure (FAAM) tests. In addition, ultrasonography of plantar fascia was performed. The t test and Pearson
more » ... n were used for analysis. Results: The Mean for plantar fascia thickness was 4.7±0.42 mm. A significant inverse correlation was observed between pain intensity during the day with foot limitation in daily activities (P=0.001) and during the exercise (P=0.017). A significant inverse correlation was found between morning foot pain and restrictions in daily activities (P=0.008). Plantar fascia thickness had no significant correlation with the variables studied. However, in women plantar fascia thickness had a direct and significant correlation with BMI (P=0.002). Conclusion: Despite a significant correlation between plantar fascia thickness and BMI in women, no correlation was found between plantar fascia thickness with other variables. Therefore, weight loss in patients, particularly women, may reduce the thickness and symptoms of the condition.