Association of NQO1 C609T (Pro187Ser) with Risk of Oral Submucous Fibrosis in Eastern Indian Population

Sanjit Mukherjee, Sweta Mohanty, Atul Katarkar, Richa Dhariwal, Basudev Mahato, Jay Gopal Ray, Keya Chaudhuri
2021 Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Biology  
Objective: Oral submucous fibrosis (OSF) is a debilitating disease mainly attributed to chewing areca nut with a 7.4-13% malignant transformation rate. The present study explores the role of NADPH quinone oxidoreductase 1 (NQO1) C609T (Pro187Ser) polymorphism in susceptibility to OSF among habitual areca nut chewers in an eastern Indian population. Material and Methods: In this hospital-based study, 152 controls and 179 OSF cases were genotyped at NQO1 C609T polymorphic site by PCR-RFLP and its
more » ... effect on NQO1 expression in OSF tissue was studied to determine the risk of the disease. Results: Overall, about 18% of the total OSF cases were detected carrying minor TT alleles (Ser/Ser) p=0.026. When categorized by age, both CT (Pro/Ser) and TT (Ser/Ser) alleles were significantly higher (p= 0.003 & 0.004 respectively) in cases above 40years of age. NQO1 protein was 42% reduced in buccal tissues of heterozygous (Pro/Ser) carriers, whereas a 70% reduction was observed in TT (Ser/Ser) OSF cases. Conclusion: Our study suggests that the NQO1 C609T polymorphism confers increased risk for OSF in habitual chewers.
doi:10.31557/apjcb.2021.6.3.187-193 fatcat:7cz4yicnwngebeu5kuzln7ehyy