Book Review The Science and Art of Deep Breathing . By Shozaburo Otabe,, M.B., Tokio, M.D., Bâle. New York: William Wood and Company. 1919

1920 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Company. 1919. The shrill voice and careless speech of the average American has long been recognized, and is probably detrimental to our business as well as to our social life. The Manual of Exercises for the Correction of Speech Disorders points out that 'both normal and abnormal speech should .receive far more careful attention than is ordinarily devoted to it. The authors explain speech disorders and methods to be used in the correction of stuttering, lisping, and other results of various
more » ... anic defects. This is the second of a series of books on speech correction; it is designed for the use of both the teacher and the pupil, and contains material which is the result of many years of experience in private practice and at the Vanderbilt Clinic and at the University and Bellevué Hospital Medical College Clinic. Practical exercises, made up of simple, colloquial English, simple proverbs, poems, and stories, are described and illustrated. The sounds in the English language are explained. Speech mechanism is divided into four con-.
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