Insect-Inspired Micropump: Flow in a Tube with Local Contractions

Yasser Aboelkassem
2015 Micromachines  
A biologically-inspired micropumping model in a three-dimensional tube subjected to localized wall constrictions is given in this article. The present study extends our previous pumping model where a 3D channel with a square cross-section is considered. The proposed pumping approach herein applies to tubular geometries and is given to mimic an insect respiration mode, where the tracheal tube rhythmic wall contractions are used/hypothesized to enhance the internal flow transport within the
more » ... respiration network. The method of regularized Stokeslets-mesh-free computations is used to reconstruct the flow motions induced by the wall movements and to calculate the time-averaged net flow rate. The time-averaged net flow rates from both the tube and channel models are compared. Results have shown that an inelastic tube with at least two contractions forced to move with a specific time lag protocol can work as a micropump. The system is simple and expected to be useful in many biomedical applications.
doi:10.3390/mi6081143 fatcat:jwx37fpwprcithqwn7qgdl532e