Preclinical Studies of a Rare CF-Causing Mutation in the Second Nucleotide Binding Domain (c.3700A>G) Show Robust Functional Rescue in Primary Nasal Cultures by Novel CFTR Modulators

Onofrio Laselva, Jacqueline McCormack, Claire Bartlett, Wan Ip, Tarini N. A. Gunawardena, Hong Ouyang, Paul D. W. Eckford, Tanja Gonska, Theo J. Moraes, Christine E. Bear
2020 Journal of Personalized Medicine  
The combination therapies ORKAMBITM and TRIKAFTATM are approved for people who have the F508del mutation on at least one allele. In this study we examine the effects of potentiator and corrector combinations on the rare mutation c.3700A>G. This mutation produces a cryptic splice site that deletes six amino acids in NBD2 (I1234-R1239del). Like F508del it causes protein misprocessing and reduced chloride channel function. We show that a novel cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator
more » ... ctance regulator CFTR modulator triple combination (AC1, corrector, AC2-2, co-potentiator and AP2, potentiator), rescued I1234-R1239del-CFTR activity to WT-CFTR level in HEK293 cells. Moreover, we show that although the response to ORKAMBI was modest in nasal epithelial cells from two individuals homozygous for I1234-R1239del-CFTR, a substantial functional rescue was achieved with the novel triple combination. Interestingly, while both the novel CFTR triple combination and TRIKAFTATM treatment showed functional rescue in gene-edited I1234-R1239del-CFTR-expressing HBE cells and in nasal cells from two CF patients heterozygous for I1234-R1239del/W1282X, nasal cells homozygous for I1234-R1239del-CFTR showed no significant response to the TRIKAFTATM combination. These data suggest a potential benefit of CFTR modulators on the functional rescue of I1234-R1239del -CFTR, which arises from the rare CF-causing mutation c.3700A>G, and highlight that patient tissues are crucial to our full understanding of functional rescue in rare CFTR mutations.
doi:10.3390/jpm10040209 pmid:33167369 fatcat:xckfwlrn7zc37bxifgqadmf434