Rorlinda YUSOF, Mariati MOKHTAR, Siti Nur Ain SULAİMAN, Mazliza MOHTAR
2020 Journal for the Education of Gifted Young Scientists  
This research is conducted to identify the profiles of career personality and interest towards sciences field among the gifted and talented students (GTS) in Malaysia. The career interest tendency in science is based on the consistency according to Holland Three Letter Code (HTLC). A total of 213 GTS aged 15 to 17 years old were randomly selected to respond to Self-Directed Search-Form Easy (SDS) instrument. Data was collected through questionnaire distribution. Data were then analyzed using
more » ... n analyzed using SPSS Window 23.0 and Excel 2010 software. The result from the study shows that out of six career interest personality, GTS demonstrate an inclination towards three personality characteristics which are Investigative ( ̅ =22.15), Social ( ̅ =19.88) and Artistic ( ̅ =15.94). Based on the HTLC analysis, the study indicates a higher inclination towards sciences career interest (73.24%) as compared to non-sciences career interest (26.76%). " ̅ " for mean values and "%" for percentages. The findings also showed the existence of a mixed inclination on sciences and non-sciences or multi-potentiality among GTS. Its proven that GTS have a high sense of inquisitory which allows them to think scientifically and creative in finding solutions in their fields of interest. This study supports the past research findings that showed GTS have a high interest in sciences. The findings of this study have implications in the following areas; career counseling services, career guidance, and academic guidance to guide GTS on developing interest in science related fields of study.
doi:10.17478/jegys.667323 fatcat:qaya6pp4vzgwdbkm2usoklzacu