Use of Online Extensive Reading: Effect on English Language Proficiency and Student Attitudes to Reading in English

1 Raz-Kids Learning A to Z, This paper seeks to investigate student attitudes to online extensive reading. Extensive reading has long been known to be one of the most effective ways for second language learners to acquire language (Waring, 2000) . Extensive reading increases not only reading skills but also vocabulary, writing and grammatical accuracy. I would like to investigate the use of an online extensive reading program, and how students feel about it. The
more » ... tion used is called Razkids (Learning A to Z, n.d.). The books can be read on smartphones, tablet computers or personal computers. It is a reading program designed for native-English speaking Elementary school children. Although this program is not designed for university English learners it has three merits. Firstly the application has been widely tested and is very stable. Secondly, the cost is very reasonable and approximately one sixth the price of a similar application designed for non-native English language learners. Thirdly there is a wide variety of books, which can be read and listened to at twenty nine different levels, giving students a feeling of autonomy in which they can choose which books they want to read, and at what difficultly level. This paper will also correlate online extensive reading usage with TOEIC Bridge scores over a semester.
doi:10.14946/00001832 fatcat:a47er6fanngzxkzlncuusv7bva