High coercivity SmFeSiC films fabricated by multilayer sputtering

S.Y. Zhang, Z.S. Shan, Y. Liu, D.J. Sellmyer, T.Y. Zhao, J.G. Zhao, B.G. Shen
1996 IEEE transactions on magnetics  
Multilayer sputtering of SmFe/C(Al) plus appropriate thermal processing has been used to fabricate SmFeC thin films with A1 substitution for Fe. It was found that the SmFeAlC thin films exhibited exceptionally high Coercivities. A coercivity of 28 kOe was realized for the thin film with structure of Ta(l000~)/lSmFe(40~~/ G(Al)(5,&)]~50/Ta(200@ with subsequent annealing at 650°C.
doi:10.1109/20.539077 fatcat:bfmx7bhpuvcyjpmuvlua25jrfy