Interference Resolving Radio Resource Allocation Scheme in a TDD-OFDMA/FDD-CDMA Hierarchical Over lay Cellular System

Yeonwoo Lee, Kyung-Ho Kim
2013 Journal of Korea Multimedia Society  
In order to support a cell-independent traffic asymmetry, the conventional TDD system cannot avoid crossed time slot (CTS) interference. Moreover, the TDD/FDD hierarchical overlay cellular systems is taken into account as a generally accepted cell model in a heterogeneous radio environment. In this paper, we propose an interference resolving radio resource allocation technique in a TDD-OFDMA cellular system that overlays a FDD-CDMA cell. In our proposed scheme, we exploit under-used FDD-CDMA
more » ... ink resource by TDD mobile abiding by a region based time slot(TS) allocation which in turn mitigates CTS interference considerably. It is demonstrated that combined with under-used resource utilization scheme based on mobile's location, the proposed technique can reduce CTS interference considerably and support the asymmetric traffic in TDD system.
doi:10.9717/kmms.2013.16.7.862 fatcat:kksggdcpa5aqtoe2icf7epx5t4