Development of a geographic information system for data collection and analysis based on microservice architecture

A.A. Dontsov, I.A. Sutorikhin
2021 Spatial Data Processing for Monitoring of Natural and Anthropogenic Processes 2021   unpublished
The paper discusses the use of microservice architecture in the development of geographic information systems (GIS) for collecting, processing and analyzing data. As a rule, microservice architecture is used to build applications in information systems related to solving business problems, and is not widespread in the development of geographic information systems in the scientific field. However, its application is now becoming increasingly important. Decomposition of the software
more » ... and GIS infrastructure associated with computations and data processing into components in the form of microservices has a number of advantages, such as: increased fault tolerance, increased flexibility, reduced maintenance effort, simplified scaling, and others. The first results of the application of the microservice approach in the development of a geoinformation system for the collection and processing of hydrological and hydrobiological data on the state of water bodies are shown. The architecture, main components, and features of the information infrastructure are shown.
doi:10.25743/sdm.2021.93.41.034 fatcat:jw5w4surivcinppz2c3a6o3t4u