Status of Beam Diagnostics at KHIMA Facility

Tae-Keun Yang, Dong Hyun An, Ga Ram Hahn, Ji-Gwang Hwang, Chang Hyeuk Kim, SeonYeong Noh, Chawon Park, Heejoong Yim, Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.), Boland, Mark (Ed.), Button, David (Ed.), Riches, Kathleen (Ed.)
The Korea Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator(KHIMA) is the cancer therapy facility based on a synchrotron which can accelerate carbon ion to 430 MeV/u and proton to 230 MeV/u. The facility has 4 sectors; LEBT(Low Energy Beam Transport) from ECRIS to RFQ+IH-DTL, MEBT(Medium Energy Beam Transport) from IH-DTL to synchrotron, synchrotron ring, HEBT(High Energy Beam Transport) from the ring to irradiation rooms, 3 treatment rooms and 1 research room. The conceptual design report for each part of the
more » ... ach part of the facility has been completed and manufacturing of some parts has been started. In the case of beam diagnostics at the KHIMA, 17 types of monitors are considered and installation of 93 devices in total is planned including the related instruments like slit and stopper, stripper and etc. This proceeding introduces specifications of each diagnostic devices and shows test results of some monitoring devices to be already manufactured.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ibic2015-mopb038 fatcat:4wnxw6uxzbemdkwgg5qzdwqvfy