Value Added Cultured Dairy Products, Carrot Yogurt Development and Optimization of the Characteristics

Dhanesh Nadeejaya Liyanage Dhanesh Nadeejaya Liyanage, TJPRC
2020 International Journal of Agricultural Science and Research  
Yogurt is one of the most demanded cultured dairy products rich in dairy nutrition. Attempts were made to develop a novel yogurt combining the dairy nutrition and carrot. The carrot yogurt recipe preferred during sensory evaluation consists of 65% fresh milk, 19.5% carrot pulp, 10% sugar, 5% skim milk powder and 0.5% gelatin. The optimum potassium sorbate level for the carrot yogurt preservation is 0.1%. Total acidity, pH value and, yeast and mould counts of carrot yogurt were under the
more » ... le values for 4 weeks storage at refrigerated conditions (4 o C). One serving of carrot yogurt (85 g) provides 40% of vitamin A and 15% of calcium daily value requirements, which is higher than the regular yogurt. Further, carrot yogurt supplies 0.32 g of dietary fibre per serving. Development of novel carrot yogurt can be considered as a diversification attempt of cultured dairy products and it can be utilized to supply vegetable nutrition in the form of a desert.
doi:10.24247/ijasroct20204 fatcat:44uor7wraza5zbmpkoobqmhkh4