Brain White Matter Lesions and Arterial Wall Parameters in Migraine Patients

K. Ryliskiene, D. Jatuzis, J. Usinskiene, M. Mataciunas, L. Ryliskyte, A. Laucevicius
2010 Artery Research  
echocardiographic findings. Distensibility (D) of forearm large arteries was calculated as a ratio between volume pulse amplitude and pulse pressure. Forearm vascular resistance (FVR) was calculated from data on mean arterial pressure and forearm blood flow measured by venous occlusion plethysmography. Results: It was stated that Verapamil significantly reduces systolic 8AE1,9 mmHg), diastolic (-8,7AE1,2 mmHg), mean (-13,7AE1,6 mmHg) and pulse (-12,5AE1,5 mmHg) pressure. D of forearm large
more » ... ies in all investigated patients increases by 53AE4%, whereas FVR did not change uniformly. In the case when hypotensive effect was caused by a decrease in CO, FVR did not change, but in the case when hypotensive effect was ensured by a decrease in SVR, the inverse relationship existed between changes in SVR and FVR (r Z -0,6). Conclusions: During effective treatment of essential hypertensives with Verapamil contractile activity of forearm large arteries always decreases, whereas precapillary vessels obviously are involved in counterregulation and this masks direct vasodilator effect of Verapamil on arterial smooth muscles.
doi:10.1016/j.artres.2010.10.115 fatcat:bvrp2m3qs5ey5cfdx2tevet6em