Simulation and Measurement of Air Movement Inside a Standard Veterinary Operating Room Produced by a Double-Equal Strength Diffuser

Florin Domnita, Marius Fetea, Dana Adriana Ilutiu-Varvara, Peter Kapalo
2016 Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca: Veterinary Medicine  
The main purpose of air diffusers is to achieve ventilation effect by obtaining a proper distribution of the introduced air jet. Even more in the case of veterinary operating rooms, it is necessary to use air diffusers that allow the introduction of large volumes of air without exceeding admissible indoor air velocities in the occupied zone. The paper presents a device with double-equal strength diffuser for introducing conditioned air inside a standard veterinary operating. There are presented
more » ... the measurements that were performed in order to establish the air velocity field generated by the diffuser. It is also shown the computational air movement simulation produced by this device in two models of veterinary operating room. The diffuser allows the distribution of large quantities of blow-in air with low velocities, recommended for using in locations with a high required air exchange. The simulations provides an overview of velocity and pressure fields generated by the double-equal strength diffuser for spatial distribution of air, within two sitemodels of veterinary operating room. Simulation results are displayed graphically by presenting the distribution of air velocity vectors in different planes of intersection with the considered site-model configuration. Analyzing the results of simulations performed on the two models, together with the measurements made in the laboratory on the double exponential profile diffuser, it can be concluded that the device provides good solutions in terms of air flow inside the operating room. Thus, is obtained a hybrid airflow cleanroom, recommended in recent years in scientific literature to use in veterinary operating rooms.
doi:10.15835/buasvmcn-vm:11765 fatcat:x5p3zw4bhfg3blygz2cqn2ilmq