The Integrated Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor using Polymer Optical Waveguide
폴리머 광도파로를 이용한 집적형 표면 플라즈몬 공명 센서

Geum-Yoon Oh, Doo-Gun Kim, Hong-Seung Kim, Tae-Kyeong Lee, Young-Wan Choi
2012 The Transactions of The Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers  
We propose a novel micro surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensor system based on polymer materials. The proposed SPR system consists of the incident medium with polymer waveguide and the gold thin film for sensing area. Using a polymer optical waveguide instead of a prism in SPR sensing system offers miniaturization, low cost, and potable sensing capability. The whole device performance was analyzed using the finite-difference time domain method. The optimum gold thickness in the attenuated
more » ... reflection mirror of polymer waveguide is around 50 nm and the resonance angle to generate surface plasmon wave is 68 degrees.
doi:10.5370/kiee.2012.61.3.433 fatcat:uwxxwmohrjap7jkoua7nbpjgaa