Towards an operational Ice Cloud Imager (ICI) retrieval product

Patrick Eriksson, Bengt Rydberg, Vinia Mattioli, Anke Thoss, Christophe Accadia, Ulf Klein, Stefan A. Buehler
2019 Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions  
<p><strong>Abstract.</strong> The second generation of the EUMETSAT Polar System (EPS-SG) will include the Ice Cloud Imager (ICI), the first operational sensor covering sub-millimetre wavelengths. Three copies of ICI will be launched that together will give a measurement series exceeding 20 years. Due to the novelty of ICI, preparing the data processing is especially important and challenging. This paper focuses on activities related to the operational product planned, but also presents basic
more » ... so presents basic technical characteristics of the instrument. A retrieval algorithm based on Bayesian Monte Carlo integration has been developed. The main retrieval quantities are ice water path (IWP), mean mass height (<i>Z<sub>m</sub></i>) and mean mass diameter (<i>D<sub>m</sub></i>). A novel part of the algorithm is to fully present the inversion as a description of the posterior probability distribution. This is to prefer for ICI as its retrieval errors not always follow Gaussian statistics. A state-of-the-art retrieval database is used to test the algorithm and to give an updated estimate of the retrieval performance. The degrees of freedom in measured radiances, and consequently the retrieval precision, vary with cloud situation. According to present simulations, IWP, <i>Z<sub>m</sub></i> and <i>D<sub>m</sub></i> can be determined with 90&amp;thinsp;% confidence at best inside 50&amp;thinsp;%, 700&amp;thinsp;m and 50&amp;thinsp;um, respectively. The retrieval requires that the data from the thirteen channels of ICI are remapped to a common footprint. First estimates of the errors introduced by this remapping are also presented.</p>
doi:10.5194/amt-2019-312 fatcat:dxgqxjrhsrc4pnya3gsrih64ia