An Incremental Framework for Adapting the Hypermedia Structure of Multimedia Documents [chapter]

Sébastien Laborie, Jérôme Euzenat
2008 Studies in Computational Intelligence  
The multiplication of presentation contexts (such as mobile phones, PDAs) for multimedia documents requires the adaptation of document specifications. In an earlier work, a semantic approach for multimedia document adaptation was proposed. This framework deals with the semantics of the document composition by transforming the relations between multimedia objects. In this chapter, we apply the defined framework to the hypermedia dimension of documents, i.e., hypermedia links between multimedia
more » ... jects. By considering hypermedia links as particular objects of the document, we adapt the hypermedia dimension with the temporal dimension. However, due to the non-deterministic character of the hypermedia structure, the document is organized in several loosely dependent sub-specifications. To preserve the adaptation framework, we propose a first straightforward strategy that consists of adapting all sub-specifications generated by the hypermedia structure. Nevertheless, this strategy has several drawbacks, e.g., the profile is not able to change between user interactions. Hence, we propose an incremental approach which adapts document sub-specifications step by step according to these interactions. To validate this framework, we adapt real standard multimedia documents such as SMIL documents.
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-76361_8 fatcat:hzwl7ytwx5fj5p7nof26q3orzy