Invisible Higgs boson decay withB→Kνν¯constraint

C. S. Kim, Seong Chan Park, Kai Wang, Guohuai Zhu
2010 Physical Review D  
If the Higgs boson were the only particle within the LHC accessible range, precision measurement of the Higgs's properties would play a unique role in studying electroweak symmetry breaking as well as possible new physics. We try to use low energy experiments such as rare B decay to constrain a challenging decay mode of Higgs, in which a Higgs decays to a pair of light (≈ 1 ∼ 2 GeV) SM singlet S and becomes invisible. By using the current experimental bound of rare decay B→ Kνν̅ and computing
more » ... e contribution of B→ K SS to (the) B→ K+E, we obtain an upper bound on the Higgs coupling to such light singlet. It is interesting that the partial width of the invisible decay mode h→ SS by taking the upper bound value of coupling is at a comparable level with h→ WW/ZZ or WW^(*) decay modes, making the Higgs identifiable but with a different predicted decay BR from the standard model Higgs decay. It will then have an impact on precision measurement of the Higgs's properties. We also study the implication for cosmology from such a light singlet and propose a solution to the potential problem.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.81.054004 fatcat:gh5g76mghva65ovgp5hnvie4qu