Gene tree reconciliation including transfers with replacement is NP-hard and FPT

Damir Hasić, Eric Tannier
2019 Journal of combinatorial optimization  
Phylogenetic trees illustrate the evolutionary history of genes and species. In most cases, although genes evolve along with the species they belong to, a species tree and gene tree are not identical, because of evolutionary events at the gene level like duplication or transfer. These differences are handled by phylogenetic reconciliation, which formally is a mapping between gene tree nodes and species tree nodes and branches. We investigate models of reconciliation with a gene transfer that
more » ... laces existing gene, which is a biological important event but never included in reconciliation models. Also the problem is close to a dated version of the classical subtree prune and regraft (SPR) distance problem, where a pruned subtree has to be regrafted only on a branch closer to the root. We prove that the reconciliation problem including transfer and replacement is NP-hard, and that if speciations and transfers with replacement are the only allowed evolutionary events, then it is fixed-parameter tractable (FPT) with respect to the reconciliation's weight. We prove that the results extend to the dated SPR problem.
doi:10.1007/s10878-019-00396-z fatcat:2tkm4snj6vemdgsykbbhv7scfe