Manufacture a New Milling Machine to Produce Bio Fuel from Olive Milling Wastes

O. Kaddour, M. El Didamony
2019 Journal of Soil Sciences and Agricultural Engineering  
Field experiments were carried out to manufacture a new milling machine produce biofuel from olive mill wastes (OMW). The machine was performance under laboratory and filed conditions such as the effect of milling parameters on milling efficiency and bio fuel pellets quality. The machine performance was conducted under four different hammer mill drum speed of (5.25, 6.46, 8.59 and 10.41 m/s.), crumble drum speed of (4.46, 5.93and 7.19 m/s.) crumble drums clearance (1.5 and 2.5mm) and olive
more » ... e wastes percentage of (olive pomace 100% and olive pomace 50% with olive stone 50 %.). The machine performance was evaluated in terms of machine production rate, specific energy (SE), machine efficiency, olive milled granules 3mm diameter or less percentage, biofuel pellets durability and biofuel pellets stability during combustion. The best results were 0.368 Mg/h for machine production rate, 4.33 kW.h/Mg for specific energy (SE), 46.20% the percentage of granules3mm diameter or less as optimum milled particle size suitable for pelleting, 70.58% bio fuel pellets durability and 83% pellets Stability during combustion after one hour, using 8.59 m/s hammer mill drum speed, 5.93 m/s crumble drum speed, 1.5mm clearance between crumble drums, and recommended use 50% olive pomace with 50% olive stones
doi:10.21608/jssae.2019.43210 fatcat:4ysfj7ycjvdm7imrzcrkzwexbe